behind the scene

„we come no closer than as dancers“ (time heals, over, peter hamill, 1977)

the idea for the performace has been planted in the time of the first art collaboration of the dancer and performance artist maria de faria and the visual artist pedda borowski. in 2013 she first modeled for him his studio. very soon they recognised their growing interest for this old issue „dancer and draughtsman“. the both began to search for a wider range of expression for their experiences, thoughts and ideas for this topic. the location where their art process took place has been the the painters' studio.

on the occasion of the exhibition „open studio“ at kunst etagen pankow in may 2014, de faria and borowski developed a kind of theater play. they builded up a scenery. in focus stood a black box (140 x 140 x 220 cm (l / b / h) constructional the box consisted of a wooden scaffold, that was covered by black molton. in the wall of each side two tiny openings – two peep holes – have been cutted out.

the black box represented so to say a miniature studio. very small and very narrow.

meanwhile the performance der faria and borowski acted inside the box. she danced for him, he drew her. she was nude, he wore a black patternless kimono, the faces of both protagonists have been covered with paper mascs. for the paper masc design, printed paper with text snippets has been used, passages and sentences of the fabolous brasilian writer clarice lispector. her literature went very well with the strange scene the public could watch trough the peepholes. close to the box the musician dylan bakker accompanied the scene with his live produced atmospherical sounds. the duration of each performance was about 30 minutes.

2014 and beyond this peepbox was presented in some other berlin studios like ateliergemeinschaft milchhof, ar29 and tapir.

in 2015 de faria and borowski re-designed the scenery. this documantation will be presented here soon. so stay tuned.


the text for documentation collage was written by maria de faria, borowski did all the drawings on this site, thanks a lot for permission for publishing the photographs: dadaware (berlin), michael neumann (berlin), roger russel (berlin/spain) and uwe bernhart (berlin). all rights are reserved by them.

peepbox videos at maria de farias' website