nachtnackt is a new form of artistic performance embedded in seminars. The focus lies on body, movement and space.

The concept and seminars are designed by the dancer performer MARIA DE FARIA and the artist PEDDA BOROWSKI They examine various aspects in artistic dance performances as well as academic artistic performances.

The course will focus during the performance on academic artistic explanations about anatomy, as well as the pictorial depiction of movement. Visit the gallery IMAGES and enjoy the drawings of the dance-part.

During the dance performance the drawers will then concentrate on the artistic realization of the themes: body, rhythm and movement. Furthermore the dance sessions will be stimulated by literary themes based on chapters of the book Água Viva by the Brazilian author CLARICE LISPECTOR.

Participation fee for one date 35,- Eur

nachtnackt at march
sunday march 25. 1 - 4 pm

Registration via E-MAIL is neccessary.

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