nachtnackt is a dance performance and drawing workshop created by the dance performer Maria De Faria and the visual artist pedda Borowski. During De Faria’s dance performance the visitors will practice classical drawing and will be instructed by pedda Borowski. In the focus are lines, visual compostion, body proportions and the cooperation of bones, joints and muscles while movements.

Next nachtnackt will continue in 2020 and will be advertised very soon. Stay tuned for information and apply for your participation in a session!

There are two possibilities to apply for a session

  • Write an e-mail to peddaborowski [at]googlemail.com
  • Ring up  +49 (0)171.67 10 297 pedda Borowskis‘ phone

After receiving your apply, we will confirm the entrance and we’ll send back the adress of the event. Notice, the places are limited!

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