The experiences of the past „pandemic months“ will be brought into play in the focus of the artists*. We as a cross-disciplinary art duo remember our first joint performance work „the peepbox“. The focus of the performances was a black box (140 x 140 x 220 cm (l / w / h)) covered with molton. Two tiny openings – two peepholes – were cut out in the wall of each side, through which the audience could watch the performance.

The „peepbox“ seems to us suitable to present the „C-time“ in the form of such a space of isolation and narrow limitation of the playing space. We would like to develop our stage design further and add taut ropes and cords as a play element. We remember an aperçu of Franz Kafka, which seems to be a stage direction addressed equally to the performers and to the audience.

„The true path goes over a rope that is not stretched in height, but just above the ground. It seems more destined to make stumble than to be walked.“

The implementation of the project idea takes place across genres in experimentally timed short pieces of about 20-30 minutes. Dance and the respective stage design are developed in the form of collages. The movement elements of the performance dance and the stage design, which changes during the piece, play an equally important role. In the performance, a sensual field of association is created through body, movement and space.

For the performances we would like to invite musicians working in the large Meltingpot Berlin as participating guests.