nachtnackt is a dance performance and drawing workshop created by the dance performer Maria De Faria and the visual artist pedda Borowski. During De Faria’s dance performance the visitors will practice classical drawing and will be instructed by pedda Borowski. In the focus are lines, visual compostion, body proportions and the cooperation of bones, joints and muscles while movements

the idea for the workshop bases on a previous project peepbox that De Faria and Borowski created and performed in 2014. on the occasion of the exhibition „open studio“ at kunst etagen pankow in may 2014, de faria and borowski developed a kind of theater play. they builded up a scenery. in focus stood a black box (140 x 140 x 220 cm (l / b / h) constructional the box consisted of a wooden scaffold, that was covered by black molton. in the wall of each side two tiny openings – two peep holes – have been cutted out.

since 2014 peepbox it is one more of De Farias’ and Borowskis’ ongoing projects. click here to see and read about the birth of peepbox